January 29 - R&B Global Projects recently transported out-of-gauge power generation components from Romania to Turkey.

The consignment included boilers, stack frames, casings and other associated equipment that will be used to develop a new steam generator.
From its origin in the Czech Republic, the consignment was delivered by road and rail to Constanta port, Romania. R&B used two chartered vessels for final delivery to Bandirma in Turkey.
The shipment required careful and timely execution, as the client faced heavy penalties if the consignment was delivered behind schedule, said Dave Roosen, director of R&B Global Projects.
Prior to transport, R&B's project team made precise calculations in order to ensure the correct ships were chartered, as a number of the components could not be stacked and sufficient floorspace was required under-deck to stow the cargoes.


More pictures of the project can be seen here at R&B Global Projects' Facebook page.