August 7 - Canada based Mantoria Inc has moved two large hydro reactors from Japan to South Korea for long term storage.

Mantoria, which is a member of the WCA Projects network, partnered with fellow WCA Projects network member Dextrans Worldwide Korea to execute the project.

The two hydro reactors, along with 39 crates of supporting equipment, were loaded on board a vessel and transported from Japan's Port of Harima to the Port of Kwangyang in South Korea. Once in Kwangyang, the cargo was delivered to a nearby storage area.

Mantoria explained that the vessel arrived at the port just as a typhoon was approaching, but the company managed to get the cargo safely transported and set down "just in time".

The largest reactor weighed in at 635.8 tonnes and had the dimensions 31.65 m x 4.4 m x 5.2 m, while the smaller unit had a weight of 490 tonnes and measured 25.7 m x 4.25 m x 4.7 m.

The scope of Mantoria's work included chartering a vessel to move the cargo, loading and discharging the vessel, choosing a secure location for the reactors to be stored, and transferring the consignment to its new location.

In addition to the destination transport and handling, Dextrans was instrumental in negotiating a very favourable duty-free status at the storage site with South Korean Customs, explained Mantoria.

Watch a video of the project here: