December 17 - A recent transport project saw Mammoet move 16 heavy items over 247 km for the Egyptian Refinery Company - the longest route that the company has ever moved out of gauge cargoes by SPMT (self-propelled modular transporter).

The 1,700 tonnes of cargo was transported in stages between October and December from Suez to Cairo through desert, mountains, highways and the streets of Cairo - one of the busiest cities in the world.

The job entailed over 30 km of compacting and road reinforcements, as well as reinforcing five tunnels with steel beams and hydraulic jacks, cutting down 80 trees and removing 250 lamp posts and more than 200 road barriers.

The biggest piece of cargo, a 1,220-tonne hydro refining reactor, was transported over 45 days by three files of 34-axle-line of SPMT - 102 axles in total.