September 20 - Combi Lift's Combi Dock III has loaded parts of the decommissioned Murco oil refinery at Pembroke Port in Wales, UK for onward transportation to Pakistan.

Over the past year, refinery parts have been transported to the port by road for storage on its 69 acre (28 ha) site. A 201-tonne reactor was also transported to the port from Gelliswick Bay, utilising Robert Wynn and Sons' Terra Marique barge, as it was too large to be moved by road. 

Director of quayside operations at Pembroke Port, Natalie Britton, said: "The movement of the refinery parts was well executed and the transfer onto the Combi Dock III ran smoothly. Our team provided moorings, berthing, quay space and laydown area, as well as safety inductions for the contractors on site."

Combi Dock III, at 162 m in length is the largest vessel to berth at the port, is now en route to Pakistan with 3,239-tonnes of refinery equipment. Upon arrival in Pakistan, the equipment is expected to be reassembled. 

According to Pembroke Port, two further exports of similar sizes are expected to take place over the next 12 to 18 months. 

A video of the Combi Dock III berthing and being loaded at Pembroke Port can be viewed here.