October 10 - Reiser Schwertransport from Amerang, Germany, has added a Scheuerle-Nicolas EuroCompact 2 + 4 trailer to its fleet.

The deck design of Reiser Schwertransport's trailer means the 2 + 4 combination can be upgraded to a 3 + 5 combination, while the 1.5 m wheelbase will protect roads and bridges as well as simplify approval procedures, claims TII Group.

The flexibility of the EuroCompact trailer can be expanded by an additional axle dolly, or Smart Axle, explains TII Group. The one or two-axle dolly bogie unit can be coupled between the dolly and deck using a hook coupling.

TII Group says that the junction between the decks and boom recess bogie features several pressure strips which allow the installation of different decks with varying heights.