September 22 - Forest Marketing Enterprises (Formark) has been working with Eastern Car Liner (ECL) to deliver logs from the Port of Everett to Japan.

Every month ECL loads aerospace containers for transport back to Japan to be reloaded with new airplane parts - typically this is the only cargo loaded on board the vessel. However, Formark is now delivering nearly 3.3 million board feet of logs to the Port of Everett to be loaded under deck of the ECL chartered ship.
Two shipments have already been completed, with four further scheduled for the rest of 2016. The agreement is expected to be the start of a multi-year business partnership.
"This is a strategic partnership that will benefit jobs, commerce and natural resources in Everett and Washington State," said Carl Wollebek, chief operating officer at the Port of Everett.  "The port is very fortunate to have industry partners such as Miller Shingle, Dunlap Towing, Stevedoring Services of America, Jones Stevedoring and the ILWU to be able to support the local log industry spearheaded by Formark."