July 6 - Rhenus Midgard received, stored and forwarded 30 km of subsea cables at its port facility in Nordenham, Germany, on behalf of Nexans.

The cables will be used to link up one section of the 111 wind turbines at the Anholt offshore wind park, the largest in Denmark.

Rhenus Midgard says that it has been able to expand its logistics services in the offshore sector as a result of this project.

With an overall weight of almost 1,000 tonnes, the cables arrived in Nordenham by freight train from the production site in Hanover, 
using the NIAG railway services company; which is also part of the Rhenus Group.

After unloading the items, Rhenus stored the materials in what are known as two cable beads made of iron, 
before they were loaded on the Stemat 82 cable-laying pontoon, cut to size on the vessel and the individual lengths were laid on the seabed.

Once it has been completed, the Anholt wind park, which is located off the Danish coast, 
is set to provide 400 MW of electric power and will generate enough power for about 400,000 households.

"We've made the long-standing coal transhipment port at Nordenham fit for the offshore sector during the past few years 
and have been able to establish a bridgehead in the niche market of underwater cable logistics. 
Nordenham also has railway sidings running right up to the quays and lock-free access to the North Sea," says Uwe Oppitz, 
branch manager at Rhenus Midgard in Nordenham, summarising the advantages of the port in the German state of Lower Saxony.

"We're currently storing cable drums for other customers in the offshore sector at our site 
and we can handle the loading and unloading of underwater cables and support items like concrete mattresses," says Oppitz.