June 5 - RINA Group's certification subsidiary, RINA Services (RINA) and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) have agreed to share skills and expertise in order to boost performance in the Russian and Arctic markets.

RS will help RINA meet the needs of some of its clients for Arctic navigation and offshore operations, particularly with respect to ice classes and winterisation.
RINA will use its skills to help RS approve specific projects for vessels that will operate under the Russian flag, or in Russian waters.
Should the partnership prove to be successful the two societies will extend the partnership into other areas of their businesses, such as software and training.
"Cooperating in specific areas where we each have particular expertise will help us build a platform for win-to-win situations in the marine as well as in other sectors," said Ugo Salerno, ceo, RINA Group.
Mikhail Ayvazov, ceo, RS, commented: "Both RS and RINA are rather comparable in size and have complementary expertise in areas at hand," adding that the partnership will "raise the level of our expertise in new and promising areas".