September 15 - Leer, Germany based shipyard Ferus Smit has delivered the multipurpose vessel Roerborg to Royal Wagenborg.

HLPFI reported on July 4 that Roerborg had been launched at the Ferus Smit shipyard.

Roerborg is the last in a series of three sister vessels to be delivered to Wagenborg. Together with Reestborg and Reggeborg, Wagenborg claims that Roerborg is the largest vessel it has ever owned, measuring nearly 170 m in length and 20.4 m in width.

Roerborg is complete with an "eco bow", as well as a relatively low engine capacity.

The ships are designed with a fully open hatch box and two 60 m long holds. They have removable pontoon tween decks, which can also be used as separation bulkheads.

The vessels have Ice Class 1A notation and are equipped for worldwide sailing including navigation of the St Lawrence Seaways, Panama Canal and Suez Canal.

All of the new vessels will be suitable for carrying general cargoes, such as steel, forest products, breakbulk and bulk cargoes.