May 26 - The semi-submersible RollDock Sea has been delivered by her builders to Dutch heavy lift shipping company RollDock, doubling the Ijssel-based company's current fleet.

The RollDock Sea is set to undertake its standard guarantee docking in Dubai and will execute her maiden voyage immediately after completion of this call.


On its voyage, the cargo is set to consist of construction equipment including barges that will be loaded both by the flo-flo (Float in / Float out) method and by vessel's two 350-tonne cranes. After her voyage to the Red Sea, she will be available for other work around the second half of July, notes the line.


RollDock has a newbuild programme of eight vessels, of the same novel design, presently under construction and options for a further increase of the fleet. The RollDock Sun was the first ship to be delivered and has now been joined by the RollDock Sea. RollDock Sky is due for delivery in December; RollDock Star, in August 2012, The fifth ship, yet un-named is due in October 2012, the sixth in February 2013, the seventh in June 2013. The last ship is due for delivery in October that year.