September 14 - Rontransmar has utilised 26 axle lines of Scheuerle InterCombi trailers to transport a 230-tonne transformer from the Port of Constanta to a job site in Ploesti, Romania.

At the Port of Constanta, the InterCombi trailers were placed onto a barge alongside a vessel, which subsequently unloaded the transformer using its own cranes directly onto the trailers.

The transformer, which measured 11.4 m x 4.2 m x 4.3 m, was then transported to the inland Port of Oltenita by barge. To unload the transformer, the trailers had to tackle a ramp with a 10 percent gradient and a gravel track, which had been softened by the rain.

"In spite of the relatively steep ramp leading to the barge and the extremely concentrated load, driving off was no problem. The Scheuerle InterCombi modules can be controlled with a high degree of precision and, at the same time, are very robust," explained Rontransmar founder, Vlad Lechintan.

In Oltenita, Rontransmar had to coordinate the convoy to avoid numerous high-voltage and telecommunication cables along the route.

According to the TII Group, when approaching the final destination between Urziceni and Ploesti, the InterCombi platform trailers demonstrated their manoeuvrability and directional stability in negotiating a 90 degree bend before delivering the transformer to the job site.

Romania-based Rontransmar has 35 axle lines of Scheuerle InterCombi trailers in its fleet, which feature a technical axle load of 45 tonnes and can be combined with a wide range of decks, load distributors or bolsters.