October 6 - Operating over the past ten months in northern Europe, deugro's specialised transport vessels Rotra Vente and Rotra Mare have transported 164 nacelles, 150 towers, and 162 wind turbine blades.

HLPFI reported on the Rotra vessels, which were developed by Siemens Wind Power in partnership with deugro, in the January/February 2017 edition of the magazine, here.

Since then, the second vessel in the series, Rotra Mare, entered into service and joined its sister ship in completing approximately 90 voyages with 187 port calls/cargo operations. 

Each vessel, measuring 141 m in length and 20.6 m wide, has the capacity to transport either nine tower sections, 12 blades or eight nacelles. 

The vessels are designed to allow for both ro-ro and lo-lo operations, while holding cargo under deck at the same time. deugro says this helps optimise operations and achieve cost savings of approximately 15 to 20 percent.