April 10 - SAL Heavy Lift's Annemieke recently loaded two Damen Singapore-built Fast Crew Supplier 2610 (FCS) vessels at Jurong Port.

Each FCS 2610, which measured 25.75 m long and weighed approximately 75 tonnes, arrived at the port under tow and was positioned alongside Annemieke.

Each vessel was lifted onto pre-installed cradles onboard using the Annemieke's cranes.

The first vessel was lifted by the port side crane, which has a safe working limit (SWL) of 275 tonnes at a 12 m outreach, into a cradle on top of the hatch covers. The aft crane, which has a SWL of 150 tonnes at 13 m, then relocated the vessel into cradles on the poop deck. The second FCS 2610 was then loaded aboard in a tandem lift.