August 9 - Hamburg, Germany headquartered SAL Heavy Lift deployed its vessel Svenja to Rotterdam, the Netherlands to load a 1,435 tonne living quarter module.

The super-heavy unit measured 42 m x 37 m x 36 m and has an overall volume of 54,353 cu m. SAL Heavy Lift accepted the project at short notice, only having two weeks to make all the necessary arrangements.
Svenja's on board equipment had to be modified to complete the job. The traverse had to be rigged and fastened at a certain angle; various grommets needed to be ordered and certified.
Svenja used its two on board 1,000-tonne lifting capacity cranes in tandem to lift the module from a barge into the hold. Svenja is now making for Geoje in South Korea, transporting the module with open hatches and an overhang of 20 m.