March 31 - SAL Heavy Lift's multipurpose vessel Svenja has loaded and unloaded eight Damen tug boats and an E-house (electrical house) on a voyage from Vietnam to the Netherlands.

Starting in Vietnam, six of the tugs, each of which weighed 500 tonnes and measured 28.6 m x 14.4 m x 15.8 m, were loaded onboard Svenja in Haiphong and another two in Dan Nang.

Two of the Damen tugs were secured in the hatch of the SAL vessel, while the remaining six were fastened on deck leaving room for the 1,250-tonne E-house, which was loaded onboard in Batam, Indonesia.

SAL explained that a perfect lifting arrangement had to be designed in order to execute the safe loading and unloading of the E-house, which measured 22 m x 28 m x 23 m, amidst the already lashed tugs.

Once the cargo was successfully loaded in Indonesia, Svenja sailed first to Rio Grande in Brazil, where the E-house was unloaded ready for work on an FPSO unit. The E-house is a custom-engineered, walk-in metal enclosure specifically built to protect critical equipment in the power distribution network.

The vessel then delivered some of the tugs to Lagos, Nigeria, before finally transporting the remaining cargo to the port of Rotterdam.

Watch a video of the project below: