January 12 - Sarens has used its new CS1000 jacking system for the first time to install a 2,000-tonne, 120 m long segment of the new Schierstein Bridge in Germany.

Sarens had previously transported and installed the first 2,000-tonne bridge segment on the Wiesbaden side of the bridge.

Sarens performed the transport and lifting of another 2,000-tonne preassembled bridge segment, this time using the new CS1000 jacking system.

According to Sarens, the CS1000 system was designed to handle very high horizontal loads while addressing operational constraints.

The Schierstein Bridge had to be replaced due to extensive corrosion as well as a daily load of 80,000 vehicles per day, exceeding the original design limit of 23,000.

A new bridge is being built alongside the old bridge in phases, with completion expected in 2020.