October 22 - Sarens USA has used four wireless compression load cells from Straightpoint to weigh a large distillation column at a petrochemical plant on the Gulf Coast.

Four identical load cells, each with a capacity of 149 tonnes, were used to measure the 287 ft (87.4 m) distillation column, which weighed in at around 640 tonnes.

Each end of the distillation column was weighed by lifting it with a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) and positioning the load cells between the SPMT deck and the unit's support beams. The readings from each end were combined to determine the total weight.

"The distance from support beam to support beam, along with the weights of each end were utilised to determine the location of the center of gravity. This data was used to verify the loading to each of the two cranes that were used to upend the vessel from horizontal to vertical," said Sarens project manager Jay Holt.

Straightpoint general manager John Molidor explained that this is a common method of measuring loads of this kind, and it is growing in popularity.

"We have participated in more such lifts already this year than last and I expect that trend to continue. The cable free wireless system is user friendly and virtually maintenance free."