June 19 - W

Schenker Deutschland was responsible for transporting six complete sets of goal line equipment including: 14 high-speed cameras, computers, IT equipment, cables, assembly equipment and soccer balls. The six systems, which each measured 25 cu m, were transported from Germany by air freight to Belo Horizonte, Recife, Brasilia, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza.
According to Schenker Deutschland, in some cases it only had nine days to secure air freight capacity for the units; to collect the freight from GoalControl headquarters in Würselen; arrange Customs clearance and to deliver the goods to the Brazilian stadiums - which posed a logistical challenge to the Schenker project teams. Moreover, Schenker Deutschland had to move the cargoes using the bellyhold capacity of passenger flights to Rio de Janeiro, due to the lack of dedicated freighter capacity to the city.
Upon arrival in Rio de Janeiro the deliveries still had to travel a great distance. In the case of Fortaleza, Schenker Deutschland still had to travel 2,800 km with the time-sensitive consignment.
Despite the challenges Schenker Deutschland ensured the on-time delivery of the new GoalControl systems.