November 25 - Boxco Logistics has transported an 880-tonne splitter column from its fabrication site in Dahej, India to the port of Mumbai, via Adani port, mobilising two 28-axle lines of Scheuerle-Kamag K25 self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) to

Alongside the splitter column, which had the dimensions 91 m x 9.5 m x 9 m, a 380-tonne quench water tower and 250-tonne demethaniser were also transported with their accessories.

The cargo began its journey at ISGEC Heavy Engineering's manufacturing plant located in Dahej, in the state of Gujarat, India. From here the equipment was transported on the Scheuerle-Kamag SPMTs to the Adani port.

Due to the dimensions of the load, road widening, removal of dividers and light poles, and electrical shutdowns were all carried out prior to beginning transportation. The entrance wall to the port also had to be razed in order to move the convoys into the premises.

After sea fastening had been carried out, the derrick barge, Triton Vision, which was towed by the 30-tonne bollard pull, Canara Progress, transported the cargo from the Narmada delta in the Gulf of Khambat up to the port of Mumbai.

On arrival in Mumbai, delashing was carried out before the same Scheuerle-Kamag SPMTs used at Dahej were employed to carry out the roll-off operations at the port.

For onward transportation to the Mexican refinery, the two smaller columns were lifted onto the Roll Dock Sea by the vessel's hook, but since the splitter column was too large for the same lift, the SPMTs were also used to roll the column onto the vessel.