March 18 - Scheuerle has launched a new trailer configuration for the transportation of 24 m x 4.5 m long packed metal sheets - the Non-Cassette Carrier.

The Non-Cassette Carrier has 24 steered axles, 48 tyres, and is around 25 metres long. It can transport stacks of steel plate without requiring any pallets, and can also be used to roll cargo onto a ro-ro ship, says Scheuerle.
The design of the Non-Cassette Carrier is based on a robust ladder-type frame combined with hydraulically-supported Scheuerle pendulum axles and 14 integrated lifting forks.
Each individual fork has been designed to handle a maximum loading weight of 30 tonnes.
The vehicle is powered by a MAN six-cylinder engine, which has been successfully used previously in Scheuerle Power Packs to drive the InterCombi SP. 30 years of experience with its SPMT pendulum axle technology came to the fore during the design of the pendulum axles.
A camera and radar system is available that allows the driver to precisely position the vehicle thus resulting in safe and efficient working conditions. In addition to lifting via the forks, the vehicle can also be loaded from above.
The first two of the new trailers have been delivered to Kübler Spedition.