November 23 - Scheuerle has delivered a ship section transporter with an 800-tonne payload to South Korea for use at Sungdong Group's shipyard premises in the coastal city of Tongyoung.

The transporter, which measured almost 8 m wide and 30 m long, was moved by heavy haulage company Kuebler Spedition from Scheuerle's production facility in Pfedelbach, Germany on Scheuerle InterCombi axle lines to Heilbronn, from where it was loaded into a vessel and delivered to South Korea.

The 26-axle trailer will be used to move large ship sections, positioning them for final assembly or moving them back and forth between different production facilities on site.

Technical reliability and safety are particularly important in projects like these, explained Scheuerle. As a result the transporter is not only fitted with monitoring and warning systems for closely checking the centre of gravity, load and inclination; but also protects the driver in the cab mounted below against noise, heat and cold, and draws his attention to any possible vehicle operating errors, added the manufacturer.

"The highest demands are placed on our ship section transporters in terms of process reliability as costly failures and associated downtime is today something that no operator wants to risk," said Ralf Grützmacher, area manager, sales at TII Sales - the joint sales and distribution company of Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag brands.

"Especially in tough operating conditions such as high humidity, high salt content in the air and constantly changing temperatures, our transport solutions enjoy a well-earned reputation for their high degree of reliability for avoiding breakdowns and malfunctions," added Grützmacher.

"We ensure this through the use of high quality components and a closely monitored quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. We also take great care during the transportation to the customer by safeguarding the entire vehicle in order to protect it against the weather thus ensuring that it arrives in perfect condition at its final destination."


Kuebler transports the Scheuerle ship transporter to Heilbronn.


The trailer arrives in Heilbronn on board Scheuerle InterCombi axle lines.


The transporter is lifted onboard a vessel at Heilbronn for shipment to South Korea.