February 19 - In Singapore, Bok Seng Logistics mobilised its Scheuerle SPMTs to transport a 310-tonne gas turbine, which will be used in a new desalination plant in the country.

The Tuaspring desalination plant in Tuas South will need to purify 318,500 cu m of water every day - a job that requires a huge amount of electrical power. A Siemens gas turbine, measuring 11 m x 5.2 m x 4.8 m, was selected to complete the task.
The turbine was transhipped from a cargo vessel on to a waiting barge and taken from the harbour in Tuas South to the Bok Seng Logistics Marine Base. Upon arrival, it was then loaded on to 28 axle lines of Scheuerle SPMTs and driven along the coast to the Tuas South industrial area for installation.