March 15 - Scotline has seen the launch of the 3,700 dwt Scot Navigator and expects the ship to be delivered and added to its owned nine-strong fleet in May.

The UK-based operator of specialist north European liner and general trading services says Scot Navigator has a length overall of 88 m, moulded breadth of 13.35 m, and maximum draught of 4.9 m. It is based on the Sea-River Liner 3700 type developed by Groot Ship Design in co-operation with GS Yard and Wijnne Barends, and used for the latter's 11 vessels of the Lady A-series.

Unlike the regular design of this series of ships, which incorporate a hydraulic column-mounted wheelhouse, permitting it to be lowered under bridges and giving access to inland waterways, the Scotline vessel has a fixed wheelhouse and other modifications. Scotline reports that Scot Navigator has also been built with provision for subsequent fitting of a ballast water treatment system.

Scotline runs regular routes between Scandinavia, the Baltic states, the north west continent, and the UK and Ireland.



Whilst forestry products are a significant proportion of the line's cargo mix it regularly sees spot project shipments. As recently as January, one of its other ships - Scot Explorer - was in the Scottish Port of Buckie loading whisky distillery tanks destined for Jameson's Old Midleton Distillery in Cork.



In addition to Scot Navigator, the line also purchased a 4,500 dwt singledecker in late 2016, which now trades as Scot Leader.

 Technical and operational management and crewing of Scotline's vessels is conducted by Rochester-based Intrada Ships Management.