November 28 - SCS Heavy has transported two presses - one from Henriville, France and the second from Rechen, Germany - to the USA, as well as a third press from Germany to China.

Managing director of SCS, Robin van der Stigchel, said that it took two weeks to dismantle the first two presses.

Explaining the process of dismantling and loading the press in France, van der Stigchel commented: "The lack of height forced us to use beams installed underneath the slider to lift the press of its feet, move it sideways, and lower it. The beams were then removed and a gantry crane was used to flip the press over.

"Once in a horizontal position, the press was moved towards the truck area using skates. The press was loaded onto a skid using the same gantry, and then loaded onto a truck. As soon as the press in France was positioned in its case, the lifting gantry was moved to the second press in Germany."

Having been dismantled, crated and loaded in their respective locations, the first two presses were shipped to Savannah, before being transported to their final destination in Dublin, Georgia, where they were reassembled.

Van der Stigchel explained that once SCS had left the USA, it had to repeat the process on the third press in Germany, which was being transported to Changzhou, China for re-installation.

The third press was dismantled, packed and shipped to Shanghai, before being transported by road to its final destination. On arrival in Changzhou, the trailer had to be shortened in order to enter the factory and position the press under the gantry crane.