June 19 - Netherlands based SCS Heavy Lifts & Transport received an order to weigh and determine the centre of gravity of the Hilal B jacket, in Alexandria, Egypt. SCS Heavy Lifts & Transport was asked to perform the same job on the Hilal B topside.

The jacket measured 23 m x 27 m x 85 m and weighed almost 800 tonnes. The accompanying 450 tonne topside had dimensions of 34 m x 23 m x 13 m. SCS Heavy Lifts deployed its computer-controlled synchronised jacking system to weigh each module and identify its centre of gravity.

To execute the projects, SCS Heavy Lifts used eight 300-tonne jacks, eight extra 500-tonne jacks, 400 m of hydraulic hoses, 200 m of data cables and three cases of supplementary equipment.

SCS Heavy LIfts nearly exceeded the time window identified by customer to complete the project, due to wind speed restrictions. However, the weight and centre of gravity of both the jacket and topside was identified with one day to spare.