April 26 - A trio of project cargo shipments related to energy production and supply hasbeen handled by Istanbul-based SDV Horoz Projects.

In the first, a shipment of nacelles, hubs and nose cones, weighing 86 tonnes, were moved from Brake, Germany, while tower sections, weighing 53 tonnes, were moved from Carballino, Spain to support seven sets of GE 2.5 MWwind turbine generators. The blades for this project, which measure 50 m are being shipped from Santos, Brazil on a separate voyage at the end of next month.

In the second project, SDV Horoz Projects is involved in the regular handling of power transformers being sent from Turkey to The Netherlands for testing. The equipment moves over Rotterdam or Antwerp en route to Kema, The Netherlands for testing on a barge before being returned to Turkey through a suitable Marmara seaport.

Meanwhile, the project forwarder has handled four Wartsila 50SG engines, the world's largest gas engine, weighing 300 tonnes each, from Frigomar, Trieste to Iskenderun, at the same time as 72 tonne alternators as well as other accessories were moved from Mantyluto, Finland to Iskenderun at the start of the year.