March 29 - A rare 30 passenger sea plane flew into the Port of Palm Beach and was successfully loaded onto the Spliethoff Group's Suomigracht for on carriage to Australia by Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

The Proven G-111, is only one of three ever built. The plane was built in California, flew to North County Airport in West Palm Beach and then made it's way to the Lake Worth Inlet to be loaded onto the ship for transport.

The G-111 is an amphibious workhorse. According to a pamphlet from the maker of the aircraft, it states "nothing in the world matches the G-111 for utility or dependability. It's one of a kind."

The owner, pilot and load masters of Amsterdam, Netherlands-based, Sevenstar Yacht Transport were in town for the landing and upload. Besides the Proven G-111, 60 yachts were loaded on board of the ship.