November 4 - A new book on seamanship detailing new advances in safety equipment, survival procedures and best practice has been published in the UK.

The Admiralty Manual of Seamanship is another in the series published by the Nautical Institute (NI) on behalf of the British Royal Navy. The book and CD are aimed at both merchant and naval training schools.

Recognised throughout the world, the Admiralty Manuals have become the leading authority on seamanship, navigation, fire fighting and survival. The 10th edition of The Admiralty Manual of Seamanship has been brought up to date by Vic Vance, a retired Royal Navy Warrant Officer Seaman Specialist.

"It is no exaggeration to say that in the past the high standards of seamanship in the Royal Navy have ensured military and commercial successes internationally and ensured that ships have sailed safely for centuries," said NI's senior vice-president Captain James Robinson.

"Seafarers are faced with the changing demands of technology, regulation, commercial pressure, reduced training and reduced sea time," continued Captain Robinson. "These pressures place challenges on the art and craft of seamanship."

The fundamental principles of good seamanship, such as handling lines and dealing with the vagaries of the sea are unchanging and these sound principles underpin every facet of The Admiralty Manual of Seamanship, he added.

The new edition covers up-to-date seamanship knowledge and techniques, relevant to all vessels. The book is expected to be used as a textbook and reference work for shipping companies, individual ships and all nautical colleges; it is closely aligned with the UK's Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) examination syllabuses and is used by the MCA as a standard reference.

The 1,000-page manual is split between a 700 page book and a CD containing all chapters. It is comprehensive in content and lavishly illustrated with many hundreds of high quality colour graphics and photographs. It covers sea terminology, anchors, cables and buoy work, rigging and deck gear, towing, boats, replenishment at sea, sea survival, towed bodies and their deployment and recovery, seamanship organisation, maintenance and helmsmanship.

The manual is priced at £95. Visit for more details.