August 25 - Seaports of Niedersachsen is promoting offshore capabilities at the group of Lower Saxony ports and has invited senior German politicians to the North Sea ports to see their potential.

The region offers opportunities for onshore support activities for offshore developments and is already a leading location for the production and logistics of wind turbines. The ports are ideally suited to support growing North Sea offshore alternative power developments, says a ports spokesperson.

Andreas BullwinkelSeaports of Niedersachsen managing director, Marketing, says: "The Cuxhaven andEmden ports provide excellent opportunities for the production and loading of offshore wind turbines. Brake,Stade and Wilhelmshaven are prepared to handle offshore wind power as well.

"We wrote a letter to the Secretary of State in which we expressed an invitation to visit our offshore locations. This is so they can see how the Lower seaports have established themselves as a vital part of the logistics chain for the offshore industry sector."