January 7 - Siemens has selected Hamburg-headquartered SeaRenergy Offshore for the transportation and installation of two HVDC converter platforms for offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

The platforms will be towed from the Nordic Yards in Winsmar and Warnemünde to their designated sites in the North Sea.

SeaRenergy will install platform BorWin 2 approximately 125 km of the Northwest coast of Borkum in water depth of 40 m.

The HelWin 1 platform will be installed 85 km off the Northwest coast of Helgoland island at a water depth of 23 m.

The transport and installation of both platforms will take place during 2013.

"The confidence Siemens has shown in us encourages us in our conviction that SeaRenergy offers the right solutions to the challenges of the offshore wind market," commented co-founders and managing directors of SeaRenergy Jan B Steffens and Kurt E Thomsen.