March 17 - Seaway Heavy Lifting Contracting Ltd has been awarded a contract by Scira Energy Offshore Limited for installation of the two offshore substations and the remaining number of foundations at Sheringham Shoal Offshore Windfarm operated by Scira L

Scira Ltd is owned 50 percent by Statoil ASA and Statkraft AS.

The contract with Seaway Heavy Lifting will replace the Master Marine contract related to installation of offshore substations. Seaway Heavy Lifting will also replace the remaining foundation installation work from MTHøjgaard.

Sheringham Shoal is a wind farm of 88 turbines and two substations over an area of 35 sq km, located east of the UK approximately 17 to 23 km from the north Norfolk coast and 5 km north of the offshore sand bank known as Sheringham Shoal.

For this project SHL will install the remaining wind turbine foundations consisting of 66 mono piles and 71 transition pieces as well as the two substation topsides, making this the first project to be performed with SHL's vessel, Oleg Strashno . The work further includes the inland transport of the mono piles from Kats to Flushing and providing the equipment and services for the grout connections between the mono piles and the transition pieces.

The new installation contracts will secure planned completion of the Sheringham Shoal project for full operation in early 2012.