November 9 - ALE's Mega Jack 800 has been used for the second time in Norway to jack-up a living quarter (LQ) module, weighing 2,000 tonnes.

ALE was awarded the contract by Apply Leirvik to conduct all site moves utilising SPMTs. In July, the company jacked-up the first 1,000-tonne module 13 m and connected it with the lower LQ sub-modules using 72 axle lines of SPMT.

Following this, the Mega Jack 800 has been used to jack-up the second LQ module to a height of approximately 12 m to allow for the integration of the lower transport grillage. The total jacking duration was approximately nine hours.

Vytis Zygialis, ALE's project engineer, said: "The overall operation went really well. We chose to use our Mega Jack 800 so the module could be safely jacked-up during a short time window of just nine hours. Our clients, Apply Leirvik, was also pleased; by using this methodology and equipment it also allowed them to gain access to the module to complete construction in a quicker time than traditional jacking systems."