March 18 - Crane service provider Aydin Vinc is using a new 180-tonne capacity Sennebogen 5500 crawler crane to lift components for the new Izmit Bay Bridge in Turkey.

The 2,700 m long suspension bridge is being built around 50 km southeast of Istanbul and its construction is scheduled for completion in 2017, which will complete the highway linking Istanbul with Izmir.

With the project well underway, Aydin Vinc relies on the Sennebogen 5500 crawler crane for numerous lifting tasks at the huge construction site. The crane is equipped with a 35.5 m long main boom and is powered by a 261 kW diesel engine.

Sennebogen says that the crane is particularly suited to moving large bridge sections due to its stable wide-gauge undercarriage and 160 kN winch. Even when under load, the heavy steel and precast concrete sections can be transported and placed with precision, said the crane manufacturer.