April 4 - Edmonton, Canada-based C-Tech Oilwell Technologies has purchased a Shuttlelift single-beam mobile gantry crane to use with its portable factories that produce a sucker rod for oil pumping facilities.

Recently, C-Tech Oilwell Technologies constructed a portable factory in the Middle East, where the Shuttlelift SB 30 is being used to transport coiled sucker rod and load the coils onto trucks and into storage areas.

The single-beam mobile gantry crane manages loads up to 60,000 pounds and was conveniently shipped in two containers to its new Middle East location.

C-Tech Oilwell Technologies Inc. is an innovative oil field technology development, sales and services company specialising in developing coiled rod technology and products. The company provides rig rebuilding, fabrication and engineering services, and is also a top supplier of coiled sucker rod for oil pumping facilities.

According to Kurt Minten, director of industrial sales at Shuttlelift, operating the SB 30 mobile gantry crane is straightforward. "There are no load charts to misinterpret. The crane lifts the stated capacity and the load is lifted directly under the frame of the crane virtually eliminating stability issues commonly associated with standard boom cranes." He added, "SB series cranes are easy to operate and maintain. You will typically see the operator take care of the basic day to day maintenance 
of the unit."

Launched over a year ago, the Shuttlelift single-beam mobile gantry crane is a very practical solution, working in a variety of applications and industries. The SB Series operates on a variety of surfaces from concrete and asphalt to unimproved dirt and gravel, says the company.