June 8 - Gustav Seeland, framework agreement partner to Vattenfall, was contracted by Siemens to replace two transformers at the Vattenfall combined heat and power plant in Wedel, Germany.

The transformers, which weighed 105 tons (95.3 tonnes) and 40 tons (36.3 tonnes), were transported from the Siemens plant in the Austrian town of Weiz to the inland Port of Dresden, where they were loaded onto a barge using a stationary crane at the port.

The transformers arrived at Wedel via inland waterways, where Gustav Seeland utilised a 600-tonne capacity pontoon crane to transfer the modules to a heavy-duty trailer for transport to the power plant in Hamburg's northern suburbs. 

Gustav Seeland also removed the two old transformers, weighing 150 and 40 tons respectively, with a 12-axle heavy-duty roll trailer.