June 26 - Rail transportation played a significant role in the recent transportation a 290-ton (263-tonne) transformer in Finland by Silvasti.

The company, which specialises in heavy and project transport, was responsible for the delivery from Helsinki Port to a substation in south Finland.

Silvasti's customised jacking and skidding equipment, which has a lifting capacity up to 380 tons (345 tonnes) came into its own as all the reloading phases required specialist jacking and skidding operations.

To safely undertake the rail transport phase, which saw the transformer being carried on a 24 axle Schnabel rail wagon owned by the VR Group, the main rail line had to be cut and prepared for the unloading of the transformer with the work being carried out to a predetermined schedule to ensure that train traffic was uninterrupted.

The initial leg of the transport from the port to the railhead and the the final leg to the substation job site was undertaken by Silvasti's 17 axle modular trailer and tractor unit, which had a total gross combination weight of more than 400 tons (363 tonnes).

A full video of the project move can be seen here.

Silvasti is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network for Finland.