December 3 - Finland headquartered Silvasti Heavy coordinated the delivery of vent chimneys for a road tunnel currently under construction in Tampere.

Silvasti was tasked with delivering two chimneys, each weighing 88 tonnes and measuring 41.3 m long by 6.4 m wide.
Each chimney required an artistic paint job, which required a number of moves at the SSV-Tanks manufacturing plant in Saarijärvi.
Both chimneys had to be delivered simultaneously due to the required road improvements, removal of street furniture and uncoupling of overhead power lines. The Silvasti team conducted a thorough survey of the 300 km route from the manufacturer's plant to the project site.
During the first two nights the convoy passed extreme winter conditions, before being delivered near to the centre of Tampere city during the third night.
Silvasti Heavy is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network representing Finland.