August 1 - Crowley Maritime Corporation's solutions group has expanded its presence in the Asia Pacific market by opening a new project management office in Singapore.

William Hill has relocated from Crowley's Anchorage office to Singapore where he has assumed the position of director, business development, and will manage the project support office. 

Hill has been with Crowley for more than six years as director, projects and director, business development, in Alaska working numerous sealift and marine projects for major oil, gas and engineering, construction and procurement management (EPCM) customers.   

Crowley says that this expansion allows the company to better support customers in the oil and gas mining; ECPM; and engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPIC) industries that are increasingly embarking on large-scale onshore and offshore projects and require additional support and resources including full-service project management and logistics solutions.

In addition to the newly opened solutions office in Singapore, Crowley subsidiary TITAN Salvage also maintains a local presence with a 45,000 sq ft (4,180 sq m) site west of the city, allowing for more rapid emergency response in the region.