July 21 - For its Calgary Pipe operation, Lafarge North America has chosen the Shuttlelift SB 70 as the lifting solution.

André Geurts, operations manager at Lafarge Calgary Pipe, explains: "Simply, it was the only one to fit our needs. We were specifically looking for a straight forward single-beam gantry crane that got the job done for less."

The Shuttlelift single-beam gantry crane increases portability and operational productivity; while decreasing the amount of time it takes to lift completed products and load trucks. "Previously, we had to rent a crane and tandem lift with forklifts to move and lift our products." With the increased efficiency, Geurts describes, "We are now able to work quicker because we only need one piece of equipment and one operator instead of two cranes and four operators. With the SB 70, the operator can easily rig the load and operate the crane."

The single-beam gantry crane for Lafarge Calgary Pipe was designed to include Shuttlelift's standard wireless remote control. This allows the operator to stay at a distance from the load and control the machine while visually inspecting its outside parameters. "The wireless remote control is a great asset and was easy for our operator to learn how to use," mentioned Geurts.

Shuttlelift extended the width and height of the single-beam gantry crane to fit Lafarge Calgary Pipe's area of operation. "The customisation improves our lifting capabilities and business. The crane's tight turning radius also increases its value for us," said Geurts.

Lafarge's single-beam gantry crane also included the enclosed cab option. "It is beneficial during the cold season and provides important backup for the wireless remote control," added Geurts.

This is the first partnership between Shuttlelift and Lafarge North America and Geurts says, "Everything was top notch."