November 25 - Spedman Global Logistics has coordinated the transport of four boilers and accessories to a power plant in Poland.

The shipment comprised 20 wooden boxes, frames and three 40 ft containers, with a total weight of 512 tonnes and volume of 1,958 cu m. The boilers weighed 91 tonnes each with the dimensions 12.2 m x 4.9 m x 4.8 m.

Spedman received the cargo at the Port of Gdansk and unloaded the boilers using a 100-tonne capacity mobile crane directly on to specialised modular trailers.

The boilers were removed from their packaging before being lifted onto the trailers in order to reduce their size and facilitate road transport to the power plant. On arrival at the site, the cargo was put in storage ready for use at the desired time.

Spedman Global Logistics is a member of the WCA Projects network in Poland.