July 21 - LPL Projects Logistics in Spain has worked together with US headquartered TransProject to load a 275-tonne splitter in Tarragona for delivery to a refinery in Houston.

The oversize splitter was first transported 12 km from its manufacturing facility in Tarragona to the nearby port by Spanish heavy haulage company Transmodal using a 12-axle and 14-axle hydraulic trailer fitted with turntables, and two heavy-duty prime movers.

On arrival at the Port of Tarragona, the splitter - which measured 56.34 m x 5.66 m x 5.66 m - was loaded directly onto BBC Chartering's heavy lift vessel BBC Everest using the ship's gear.

In addition to the splitter, a small guard reactor, measuring 14 m x 3.7 m x 4.2 m, was also loaded on board the vessel for shipment to Houston.

BBC Everest is currently on its way to the USA and is scheduled to arrive at the Port of Houston on July 30.

On arrival in Houston, the splitter will be discharged by the ship's gear onto a barge, which will feature a beam and dolly system specially designed for this project, explained Susan St Germain, executive director of projects at TransProject.

The cargo will be barged to a jetty near the jobsite and transported overland to its final destination - which St Germain noted is only a distance of 1 km, but a "very complicated" move that will take some hours.


The splitter was trucked to the port by Spanish heavy haulage company Transmodal.


On arrival at the Port of Tarragona, the splitter was loaded on board BBC Chartering's vessel BBC Everest.