July 25 - Just weeks after Houston-based high and heavy rail transport forwarder Specialized Rail Transport (SRT) celebrated its seventh anniversary, the company has revealed that it has undertaken two significant shipments of heavy industrial equipment.

Earlier in the year, SRT was contracted to move two transformers back-to-back, using the company's 20-axle railcar. The move was a short intra-state movement

The first arrival was blighted by a late docking of the vessel bringing the first shipment; the second shipment arrived on time, leading to the successful delivery of both transformers.

In late 2010, SRT was approached to investigate the feasibility of moving two large and heavy heat exchangers from the Texas Gulf Coast to central Alberta, Canada.

Clearance through a Great Lakes port was already arranged but SRT was able to cheaper with a cheaper alternative by going through a Gulf Coast port. SRT worked closely with multiple railroads to secure the clearances in advance of the heat exchangers' arrival in Houston in the spring.

During ocean transit, a leak in the nitrogen purge of one of the exchangers was discovered. SRT made arrangements to fix the leak and have the nitrogen refilled to prevent further issues. A weight discrepancy was subsequently discovered.

Because of a scheduled shut down at the destination plant, it was critical that these units not be delayed. Flooding in much of North America threatened to delay this shipment. SRT was able to quickly identify an alternative route: while the shipment encountered flooding along the new route, the units arrived on-site one day early.