February 13 - Houston, Texas-based over-dimensional railroad car operator Specialized Rail Transport (SRT) undertook significant rail movements at the end of last year, including one movement that required a total logistics package, involving lifting, loa

Over the period, SRT managed the transportation of 34 over-dimensional truckloads, including moving four carloads of steam turbine and generator components from Louisiana to northern California in a special train service while low weight ratings on timber bridges along the route required the utilisation of SRT's 20-axle railcar for the heaviest piece. The 20-axle performed very well, and the shipment arrived on schedule, says SRT president Bob Felix.

In another movement, SRT handled the transportation of six HRSG modules from a storage location in Colorado to a Gulf port. The SRT crew dodged snow storms, and was able to execute the loading and securement of these units in a matter of days, helping its customer to maintain its tight schedule. The units arrived at their destination ahead of schedule.