July 27 - SRT Transportation Solutions has handled the shipment of a 306-ton (277.6-tonne) reactor vessel from the Port of New Orleans (Port Nola) to a facility within Louisiana.

Planning for the project began almost a year ago when SRT was asked to develop a load configuration and tie-down plan that would allow the vessel to be transported by rail.

The vessel was secured in a bolstered configuration, straddled over two railcars in accordance with Association of American Railroads (AAR) guidelines. The securing plan allowed the cargo to articulate on the railcars through curved track while still being secured to the loading deck of each railcar.The cargo originated in Europe and arrived in Port Nola on board a BBC Chartering vessel.

In a separate project, SRT coordinated the delivery of two 131-tonne transformers from the Port of Baltimore to a project site in Pennsylvania.

For this project, the shipment could only be delivered to the offload location within a particular time frame. SRT had to source an alternative offloading point, as the intended rail siding was no longer accessible for the operation.

The USA-based rail transport specialist was presented with another challenge as the arrival of the transformers from Europe was delayed.

After locating the only other suitable discharge site, SRT delivered the cargoes to the project site on schedule.