May 19 - Shanghai Ba-Shi Yuexin Logistics Development Co. has coordinated the transport of a 36.8-tonne steam generator from Shanghai to Paranagu

The disassembled generator, which measured 14.2 m x 3.5 m x 3.9 m, was wrapped in tarpaulin and mounted onto steel cradles with wooden padding, before being loaded onto four 40 ft flat rack containers.

The cargo was then secured with 20 units of double cord lashing, all of which was certified. The generator was finally loaded onboard a containership for transport to Brazil.

As well as the transport, Shanghai Ba-Shi Yuexin Logistics handled the Customs clearance, jobsite survey and loading survey.

Shanghai Ba-Shi Yuexin Logistics is a member of the XLProjects (XLP) network in China.