August 13 - Steder Group has coordinated the transport of six transformers from the port of Djibouti to two sites in Gebre Guracha and Chancho, Ethiopia.

The transformers, four weighing 98 tonnes each and two weighing 117 tonnes each, were transported approximately 1,050 km by road to their respective sites.

With the two larger transformers each measuring 520 m high, Steder explained that it was necessary to transport the heavy cargo via bypasses and secondary roads, as well as temporarily lift electricity cables.

In addition, said Steder, the rain caused a number of roads to become flooded, which meant that graders and bulldozers had to be used in order for the trucks and trailers to continue their journey.

Conditions on the jobsite were also heavily influenced by the rain, added the company, but each of the six transformers were safely installed on their foundations at the respective Ethiopian sites.

Steder Group is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) and Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) networks in Djibouti.