The Port Authority of Bilbao has modified its stevedoring service labour agreement.


The agreement, reached after months of negotiations, has been ratified by the four shareholder companies of Bilboestiba CPE (Bergé, Consignaciones Toro y Betolaza, CSP Iberian Bilbao Terminal and Servicios Logísticos Portuarios-SLP) and the trade unions Coordinadora and UGT.

Uniport Bilbao said: “The first half of 2022 has been complicated and challenging due to a series of events that have complicated economic and social activity at local, regional, national and global levels: Covid-19, the prices of raw materials, food, energy, drought, territorial conflicts, geopolitical tensions, the stevedoring strike, inflation, the transport sector strike in Spain, tensions in supply chains, etc.

“Importing and exporting companies are working hard to keep their markets open and to find new ones, and the logistics sector, our sector, is giving the support needed for this. The port stevedoring subsector is an indispensable link in the long supply chains, which includes ship loading/unloading as goods transported as solid bulk, conventional cargo, or consolidated in containers.

“Therefore, a good reason for optimism is the recently signed agreement for modifying the stevedoring service labour agreement that guarantees the stability and competitiveness of the port of Bilbao and establishes the foundations for the signing of an agreement that will last six years.

“The agreement reflects the commitment of the parties to create a climate of trust that will enable the future to be faced with the brightest prospects.”