December 27 - Stevens Towing has delivered a second GE LMS100 gas turbine from South Carolina to Houston.

The unit was manufactured in Greenville, South Carolina and was trucked by J.E. Oswalt and Sons to Lake Marion, where the trailer on which the module was  being carried was rolled onto a barge.

The loaded barge was transported to Stevens Towing's facility in Charleston, where the turbine was lifted off the trailer using a 500-ton (453.6-tonne) capacity floating crane, Ocean Ranger, and placed directly onto the deck barge.

The piece was prepared and secured for ocean transit before Stevens Towing's tug, Island Trader, delivered the unit to Houston.

The third of four LMS100 turbines is currently on route to Houston using Stevens Towing's ocean tug Sea Crescent and the Stevens 2501 ABS deck barge.