July 19 - Four wireless load shackles and a multi-load cell monitoring and logging system from Straightpoint have been installed on a 25-tonne capacity mobile boat hoist at the Brise-Lames marina in Port Anglet, southwest France.

The boat hoist - which was manufactured by US based Marine Travelift - already features weighing technology, but Straightpoint explained that the end user required more accurate measurement of the vessels, which are removed from the water for maintenance.
The manufacturer's French distributor, Traction Levage, provided four 6.5-tonne capacity wireless load shackles, which were attached to two pick up points on either side of the boat hoist.
Straightpoint noted that its logging system provides simultaneous data and the ability to print load reports, while also confirming mass and centre of gravity.
Dave Mullard, business development manager at Straightpoint, said that it was important for the end user to have accurate load information, not only to ensure safety and prevent overload situations, but also because the boat hoist operator charges its customers based on the weight of the vessel.
"Now, the boat hoist operator can implement an accurate billing system and give customers access to the data upon which those calculations are based," he added.