September 25 - Air Charter Service (ACS) has reported a strong first half of 2014 for all three of its divisions in both revenue and charter numbers.

"Every department - private jets, commercial airlines and cargo - has grown by more than 10 percent in terms of number of charters, and our overall revenue increased by 10 percent to GBP135 million (USD230 million) for the six months ended July 31," explained ACS chairman Chris Leach.

Leach said that the company's cargo department appears to have recovered well from 2013, which he notes was a bad year for the overall market. "After a slow start to the year, charter numbers are up by 22 percent year-on-year at this stage."

Leach added: "The results show much stronger growth in the second quarter. If the trend of the past three years continues into the second half of the year, we are on course to enjoy our record year in revenue and sales."